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Ingrid's World is inspirational television.  The purpose of the show is to educate the viewer on the number of things that are available to them.   Ingrid's World gives the viewer the opportunity to see the world through a positive lens and be inspired.   The show’s goal is to excite the viewer about life’s possibilities and give them information that will help them meet that challenge.  Using a talk show format Ingrid's World inspires the viewer to get involved.  The 28 minutes show launched January 2013 serves as a vehicle to spotlight community heroes and role models.  Guests have included experts in medicine, philanthropy, business, music, and education. 

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Watch Ingrid’s World -Episode 63

On this show you will meet Dr. Carol James Wilkerson. She will discuss her career as an award winning physician. You will find what she has to say inspiring. Then meet DW Starr, Change and Business Growth Expert, who will discuss his book, When Change Means Business, and his 5 star formula for championing change and leadership development.   Our last guest is Lawrence Mersch. He is a graphic artist that creates graphics on grand scales like 30 feet by 12 feet on 2 to 4 walls. He is the owner of Motivational Walls.

Watch Ingrid's World featuring Ingrid's World - Ep. 63 

Meet Dr. Carol James Wilkerson an award winning physician, DW Starr, Change and Business Growth Expert, and

Lawrence Mersch, Graphic Artist.   

Watch several times this month on the following stations in Virginia and YouTube.

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FALLS CHURCH: Cox-Ch.10 & Verizon-Ch.10





RESTON: Verizon-Ch.10

March 2018